Andrew H 1968 Plymouth GTX 2dr Convertible

1 of 12 with a Hemi

Back in the 80's a buddy and I used to like to drive around town and see what old cars were parked here and there.

Sometimes we would get to talk to the owner.

One day we drove by this house with 3 plymouth's sitting out front, in various states of repair.

all 3 were 66 or 67 gtx cars.

We knocked and the owner came out to talk to us about the cars and said he had a hemi in the garage if we wanted to see it. Something about 1 of 12.

I thought he said he owned 12 hemi's and about fainted.

We go inside and there is a 1968 GTX convertible with a 426 hemi and the 727 behind it.

Right next to it is a 69 Mustang SCJ with the 429 inside.

He told us about how he found the GTX covered in a tarp next to a building. The original owner had spun it out after he first got it and pushed in the passenger side fender behind the tire.

Never drove it again, so he got it for a really good price.

He hadn't started it yet, as it had been parked a while, but he had spun the motor over and knew it wasn't locked up.

He said he was working on it, and I never went back to check on it.

Fast forward 25 years or so.

We are both walking around a chrysler car show and we see a convertible 68 GTX with a 426 hemi.

Knowing there were only 12 ever made, we waited around to see if it was the same guy.

A young man walks up and we begin talking to find out that he is the son of the same man we talked to all those years ago. His father had given him the car to enjoy, and he had finally gotten it running that year, and this was the first show he had entered it in.

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