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Did I get your attention - It is a TRABANT

Well, you dont have Trabant listed, so I could not select TRABANT --- Even thought you insure my Trabant, it is not listed in the pull down menu.

So-- here is the story-- I have been asked if my Trabant "Trabi" could be made available for a program commemorating the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The car would be transported to Culver City California to the DDR Museum to be used in this event. They will also make a short film using the Trabi as the "main character" for this upcoming event.

They have secured permits for the filming that will take place in and around Los Angeles, including the Getty Museum and other locations. As I understand, the director of the museum has collector cars that are insured by Hagerty as are all my cars.

I am thinking this could be an easy story to cover for the magazine. But also want to know if I am OK with agreeing to provide the car for this event. The car would be stored inside while filming is not taking place. It will require some driving in the areas where the filming is done. I do have a story-board word file I can send for review.

There you have it-- Filming permits are set for next week some time... Not much time to get a replay here--- Hope it is of interest to all.

*NOTE: I have taken my Trabants to the Concours d'Lemons show in Seaside, really appreciate the involvement by Hagerty in this show and all the others where I see a big presence. Actually, I had been insured for many years by another company, but when I saw Hagerty and the involvement in the hobby, I had to take my insurance needs to you guys.


Rod Dahlgren

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