Michael B 1964 Cadillac DeVille 2dr Convertible

My first, of many things.

As a kid in grade school I began to take note of the vehicles around me. The first car that really got my attention was a friends Dads 1959 seminole red Cadillac Coupe Deville. Thus my love affair with Cadillacs began, I would become known as Cadillac Mike in certain circles. As time went by in my youth and automotive styles progressed the object of my greatest desire became the 1964 Cadillac. As far as I was concerned the most beautiful of all Detroit art forged into an automobile.

My neighborhood covered all economic levels from the extremely wealthy to the quite poor. Unfortunately we were members of the latter. Consequently I felt the better use of my time would be in the work force as opposed to school. Naturally no adults agreed. There was an older man who took an interest in the direction of our lives who was on the higher end of our neighborhoods economic scale. Also a car lover who collected Lincolns, but drove Cadillacs. A 1964 Deville in silver with black leather interior and black convertible top was his daily car of choice. Ordered by him from the premiere Cadillac dealer in our area it was the 6300 series with ac, am/fm radio, power vent windows, top of the line for 64. Knowing my love of that car and my desire to quit school, which he advised against. He realized I was going to quit so he tried to guide me in the right direction given a bad decision. If I do things correctly, find a good job, get a drivers license, get a GED, don't spend my time hanging out or drinking, he'd sell me that Cadillac. I laughed and thought it was just a ruse to get me to follow the will of the adults. Anyway, I got my GED before I would have graduated, got my license at 16, and did find a real job as a jewelers apprentice. Much to my surprise and true to his word that man found me and sold his car to me for $250. That was a Friday, I didn't get out of that car until Monday when I went to work. As a 16 year old kid life just didn't get any better. I got more attention than I ever imagined was possible, my first kiss and many more came in that car. I loved and drove it daily for several years until it was hit and run when parked one night.

I have owned many and varied vehicles through my life none as much a part of me as my 1964 Cadillacs. That first convertible and a Fleetwood that would come much later being my greatest loves. Unfortunately I possess neither, but the memories they provided will never fade.

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