JOHN P 1955 studebaker president coupe


My first car, 1955 Studebaker President sport coupe, purchased in South Bend IN. home of the Studebaker Corp. My dad got the car me and all through high school I worked at his dinner, across the street from the high school. Through those years I made many changes to my car customizing ; shaved hood/with louvers, shaved deck lid, electric pop-open doors. note the long lake pipes and spinner caps. Change the color to 1959 olds metallic blue. This car stayed with me threw all those great high school years and memories. Lost track of this car after trading in on a new corvette. Some 35 years later, I pulled it from the dreaded crusher. Happy to say, I am breathing life back into my lost luv. Like the song says, REMEMBER WHEN! As you can see by the pictures, I made few changes. Keeping the body stock as possible, small block GM, 700R4 trans, 10-bolt rear, 4-wheel disc etc. At 71 years young, my wife Jean and I hope to cruise and relive our teenage years as they where. Still working to finish, at my age I don't move as fast. ENJOY...THANKS..JP

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    john poulos jensen bch, FL. October 3, 2014 at 19:56
    Great stories and memories can read all night! keep the hit coming......JP

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