Richard P 1947 Nash 2DR

The Anti-Muscle Car Kid

When I was 18 and finally had saved a few hundred dollar I was off to buy a car, my own ride. It was 1964 and all my friends were in to muscle cars no matter what shape they were in or even if they ran. But for some reason I love old cars. I found a farmer that just pulled a car from a neighbors garage. I was in love at first sight. It was a 1947 Nash 5 window 2 door coup, Massive grille, chrome good and paint / body excellent, a great straight 6 and manual three speed. It was great on dates because I could haul three couples comfortably. Besides you could open the back of the glove box and store a six pack in the air vent shaft. Open the vent and cool your beer and nobody was the wiser. I took a lot of grief but they all wanted to ride in my car when it came to cruising the ave. On my first date with a super girl, she got sick all over the inside of my "First Love". I had to clean it three time before I could get the smell out. Needless to say I married her two years later.

I stored the car every winter while attending college. I thought I would have it forever. But then came the first kid and the pressure to sell my car to buy a crib. It was very hard for me to let go and like all "Car Guys" years to earn enough extra cash to buy again. I now have a beautiful 1956 Lincoln Premiere and a 1967 Datsun 1600 but I'm still hunting for my old 1947 Nash. Love to buy her back. Any one know where she is?

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