David W

It Never got away

In 1964, my father won an MG Midget in a contest that he actually forgot he had entered. Anyway, he won the contest and received a 1964 MG Midget as part of the winnings. When 1968 comes along, the Midget is deemed just too small and encountering many mechanical problems, so he decides to replace it. Well he tried just about every auto dealer he could find and nobody wanted it, period! He finally tried the nearest MG dealer who agreed to trade it in on a 1968 MGB. A couple of months later, I learned to drive on the MGB. As soon as I had my license, I got the task to take the MG to the dealer for maintenance as necessary. Since the OSHA rules weren't nearly as bad as now, when the car was at the shop, I spent most of my time out with whichever mechanic was working on the B. I managed to learn most of the routine maintenance required so I really didn't mind the task. When I graduated high school a couple of years later, the MGB effectively became my car. I drove it back and forth to college for 4 years, graduated and got a job. Shortly after that I got tired of driving it in the snow to work, so I bought a 1971 Dodge Charger (which I still kick myself for selling in 1978, but that's another story) and pretty much left the MGB in my father's garage. I still drove the B on an occasional nice day, but not very much. In 1978, I got a different job and moved to another state 200 miles away. One night around dark after work when I was sitting at my apartment, I heard a noise outside and then pounding on my door. I opened the door to find my brother and a friend of his there. I asked him what he was doing there, and he proceeded to say "I have something of yours here". Before I could even ask, he shoved two sets of familiar keys into my hand and said "here Dad wanted the car out of the garage, so get it registered; it's all yours now! Well I still have the MGB. It gets driven on nice days, but never after winter sets in until the salt is off the roads in the spring. It is all original with less than 60,000 miles on it, although it was repainted once after a couple of minor fender benders which were fixed, but the first body shop used the "wrong" (it had a yellow tint to the paint) British Racing Green on it, so I had it fully repainted in the original shade after it got hit while parked. I say under 60,000 miles because I drove it without a speedometer for a couple of months one summer while the speedometer was repaired, so I really don't know the exact mileage. I need to redo the interior as the original rubber floor mats and driver side frame rail cover need to be replaced and the seats recovered. Some year soon when I have the spare funds, I'll also get some minor rust taken out of the rocker panels and above the rear wheels. Fortunately the frame and everything else is nice and solid, so I don't have any worries about maintaining it or keeping it on the road.

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