K.T. K 1960 Vespa 400 (CAR)

Just too cute!

As a present to myself when in high school, I worked at the local theater on weekends so I could buy my first car.

I saw an ad for the perfect car for a young teen that wanted to stand out from the crowd, and bought it for the grand sum of $100.00.

What was it you ask?

Why it was a Vespa 400. Painted bright red with a white racing stripe one afternoon. A neat little car that was equipped with a powerhouse 2 cylinder, 2 stroke, 14 horsepower engine, backed by a 3 speed manual transmission. Top speed around 50 MPH and a fuel economy of 55+ MPG!

No, you probably never knew that Vespa made a car, let alone a car that was no more than a motor scooter with four wheels. In fact, there wasn't even a classification for it on the Hagerty list. Albeit..

Oh the fun I had with that little car!

Driving down the sidewalk with all four wheels on the pavement. Doing a three point turn in a parking space at the local, Frisch's Big Boy, on cruise night (much to the amazement of the carhops). Having it picked up by four friends, and placed on someones front porch as a joke (I didn't laugh so much at the time, but now I do).

While I'd love to have another, I have grown a bit, so I have my doubts that I would fit in one any longer.

But that little car filled my life with a lot of joy back in the day, and as a teen, the young ladies saying: "It's just too cute!", along with asking "Can you please take me for a ride?", made me the envy of a lot of guys for sure....

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