Jim M 1939 Ford Tudor Sedan

Gone loves

It was 1954 and a dream car was traded in at the local Olds dealership. I had drooled and coveted this car then owned by an upper classman in high school for the entire previous year. A 1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor with radio and full fender skirts. It became my heart for $75.00. I never knew anything that made me so happy, sparkling with its repaint in a 1950 Ford color known as Sungate Ivory,dual exhausts and glass-packed mufflers!. It would come to be known in my family as simply "The 39".. My spirit simply surged while driving it to school as much as if it was the latest and the greatest.thing on rubber tires.What could be greater? I had it all!

Soon, a rival would vie for love and win; she was an underclass blonde who seemed just meant to closely share the narrow bench mohair seat with me and capture a different part of my heart. Far too many joyous times we shared in that head turning cruise champion with my new high school loves to even relate in that last year..Oh, the profound happiness!

Following through with my long term plans and her discontent, I enlisted in the U.S.NAVY. The 39 essentially got parked un-sheltered and fell into dis-use in the next four years. Expanded travel requirements meant a more modern set of wheels and distant deployment meant separation from my other love for extended periods. Eventually,as will happen in cases such as this, true loves cool, and un-cared for cars deteriorate. She married another and the 39 fell into serious disrepair in four years..It is now late 1958, a terribly wet and cold winter had left my unsheltered Sungate Ivory treasure a crippled, rusting and faded hulk. From a thousand miles away, I reluctantly gave my family permission to let the salvage yard take the 39's title and tow that treasure of my life out of the yard.. I never saw it again.

It's almost 60 years gone from that time on this earth now, and so are both of my loves from those special years. I currently have two collector cars, kept safely in garages, but my thoughts still warmly wander back and I would probably trade both of them to feel once again that unique pride and joy of those days those days afforded me in my 39 Sungate Ivory Jewell. It is never forgotten.

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    Roger Traverse City, MI October 4, 2014 at 16:30
    Love the story and the car. I had a '50 Plymouth that I got in a similar situation in 1970, for $75 when my buddy traded it for a new Vega and it met it's demise in the same fashion after I had to leave it parked out by the barn for 3 years while I was away. My dad finally junked it. Great that you wrote your story. Makes me think of my Plymouth. Thanks

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