Pat A

1st and ONLY CAR

This 71 RS Camaro is my first car. Bought her on 9-17-84 under the elm tree in the 3rd photo. I was 16, had to make car run, before I could buy it. drove it home W/ no carpet seats not bolted down and a few electrical issues (did not start with key) and my dad was unhappy I bought( too fast)

Over the next couple years I drove the car everywhere, yes all those High school memories and more, would not trade it for anything!!

A 100,000 miles in the next 10 years, it was my only car. Had a number of pickups. And have bought a few family cars. But this is still the only car I ever bought that I cared for.

That's why I kept it 30 years. A complete restoration in the last 4 years and my 71 RS is better than new.

I will have this car the rest of my life. Hope Hagerty is around that long

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