Michael C !968 Mercury Cyclone

You don't know what you got till you see it at a car show!

My first car was a 1968 Mercury Cyclone. I was 17 years old and bought it off my friends brother for $600 with my own money. That car blew away so many other famous cars off the line it wasn't funny.Especially to them to say the least. Anyway I blew up the engine and had no money to fix it so I gave it away. I never saw another one since. Thirty five years later I see one at a car show. The owner could not believe that was my first car. I gave him my number in case he ever decides to sell it. What a nice retirement gift to myself it would make. Plus I could say I went full circle on cool car ownership. I currently own a 1971 LTD convertible which is nice but I miss my first love muscle car. Who knows if I ever get that one again maybe I'll find out I was the previous owner and I'll try not to blow up the engine. Yea Right!

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