Danny R 1934 Ford Model 40 Deluxe 2dr Roadster

And oldy and a little diffrent

My 1934 Ford Utility car. Or "UTE" Was a banded ute that had been setting for a long time. It's a RARE roadster pickup. Not much known about the roadster. It's and Australia car. It had the back cut off and a wood box (A picture) The story go's the Australia farmer and other cut the backs of some of them and put what thy wanted on. It was brote to the U.S in the 60's and set some more were the fenders were stolen and running boards. Everything on the car is mostly original. It's now a hot rod from the 70's. Engine is 1967 Nova 302 trans 2006 5 speed rearend a 8" Ford front end Mustang II so it drives very good as well as very fast. It's still going throw changes it needs some body work and new top cloth the folding is nice. Interior is the mohair tan and comfortable. I have no idea of what it's really worth. I only know what I've got invested. It draws a lot of people. (Note) You can look up the history of the Australia UTE on the computer under Holden of Australia.

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