scott f 1967 BMW 1600 2 door

Time slowed down as my life flashed before my eyes

My first car I bought myself was a 1967 BMW 1600.I bored it out later to 40 MM and it was smog exempt with a DMV sticker attesting to an engine of 500cc or less.I painted it guards red(Ditzler paint) and drove it in college starting in 1976 at UCSC in Santa Cruz CA. I maintained it on campus and once broke a piston and later had engine rebuilt after driving 2500 miles with a broken piston but up high enough in the cylinder block to not affect the other 3 pistons.When I bought car odometer was broken reading 45k but owners manual service manual in trunk revealed it was actually at least 145k.

BMW's were so rare we always flashed hi-beams whenever we saw one another on the road and any auto parts store jockeys always guessed it was a Corolla.

So after rebuilding the engine and getting 30 more horsepower (with a 009 Bosch mechanical advance distributor) I was racing a friend with a 1972 tii and I had never bought tires and I had the left rear sidewall blow and I over corrected the 4 wheel drift and rolled car end wise into a flood control bank and down a 45 foot embankment after hitting a phone pole that took off my right front tire.

Walking away from the car with the roof flattened except for over the drivers seat my only injury was the 10 stitches in my lower back from the barb wire fence that took out all the glass.Friends told me it was a miracle I wasn't alot worse off and I was lucky as no seat belts came on 1967 models.

I was going to buy the wreck for the blueprinted 1600 engine with perfect compression

but the engine was stolen as car sat outside body shop (during negotiations with the insurance people) across street from where the engine had been rebuilt.I had bet a friend that by Fall of 1977 when school resumed I was to have sold car but never collected from him as he said my getting paid by insurance not same as my selling it.

When my friend with Tii turned around (he was winning) and came back he saw a hole in the fence and a lot of dust. I took out his rear seat with a phillipshead screwdriver as I didn't want to bleed on his upholstery.

My Dad convinced me to take first offer from the Insurance company and they merely looked in LA times and averaged 5 other 1967 1600-2 to arrive at 1900 I was paid. I had thought new paint engine shocks brakes and struts was worth minimum of 3900.The parental units made me buy a 6 cylinder Automatic 1972 Nova from estate of a widow.I had found a Glas 1700GT and was going to buy that and save the newly rebuilt bored out 1600 engine as a spare.

So I was really lucky and time slowed down as I rolled car and my life played like a video before my eyes .I'm glad texting wasn't invented that for that surely would have been my end.

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