Jeff W 1968 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop Coupe

My first car - 68 GTO

When I was 14 years old, and already loved cars, I talked to my Dad about getting me a car when I turned 16. He informed me that it wasn't my right to have a car and I would never have one unless I saved up enough money to buy it myself and pay for all associated costs. He stated that he didn't care one way or another what kind of car I got or how old I was when I got it. From that moment on I hunkered down, working multiple jobs sacking groceries, mowing lawns, etc. and saving for my first car. He wanted me to get something conservative and wait until I was at least 16, but he had given his word that if I earned the money it could be any car, anytime. So, while I was still 15, I found someone trying to sell a black 1968 GTO, 400/4bbl with a Hurst shifter. I bought it! That sure was a lot of car for a kid. One of the unspoken parts of that deal with my Dad was that I would not get in trouble racing and fooling around. That part of the deal I did not honor and my Dad sold the car while I was at school one day. It was a good lesson and we soon worked together to get me into a 1969 Firebird 6 months later. I loved that Firebird, but I'll never forget the fun I had in my very first car, that 68 GTO. Wish I could have that one back! Almost 40 years later now, I think I could handle it. :-) Jeff

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