JIM R 1931 Ford Model A 2dr Victoria

FIRST CAR - Love-Hate Story

High School - 1956 ... Everybody was getting a car ..... except me....

Had to wait until I got my Driver's license !!!

A friend of my Mom's had a big corner lot & needed it cleaned, so she could start a garden ..... I got volunteered, and hoped

i could earn enough to BUY A CAR !!

After a long, hot Summer... working out there every day for a month, the job of clearing the field was done! ...

I had noticed this old car sitting by the back fence, and asked if i could use my money to buy it?? ----

The lady's husband said .... You can HAVE it and keep the money too !!

It took a new battery & fresh gas (With a little Help from my Dad) and I drove it home!!

The picture with the trophy, was taken just after i won at San Fernando Drag Strip, (California)

They didn't have a class for Model "A"'s at that time, so my trophy just says "winner, 1956, class 00 ....


After High School, i joined the Navy and was gone for 4 years, in the meantime, my folks sold "Little Joe" for $50.

I was broken hearted when i came home and found him Gone!........

This was my Buddy!! - We cruised Bob's in Van Nuys together! - My first date was in Little Joe!!

Drive-in movies ..... roller skating ....beach trips ... GIRLS! ----- How could they have done this to me????


It took two years watching the newspapers, asking Everybody who might have seen him .....FINALLY, in 1962 PAY DIRT!

An ad appeared in our local paper for a Model "A" Ford ... Victoria !! Could it be????

YES! - After a 20 minute drive There he was ...... not too bad a shape ...... and still running.

We talked a few minutes .... decided $100 was fair enough, and brought "Little Joe" home once again..........

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