John C 1958 Plymouth Fury 2dr Hardtop Coupe


My actual first car bought with mt own money, i only drove before I bought it. It was my brother's 1956 DeSoto Firedome. he let me drive it once too often, the last time I ran into a newspaper stand in the snow. the brakes had failed and it was the little old lady with shopping bags or the high curb, momentum. Total damage, some green paint, 1 1x6 and a very scared old Polish man who could not speak English (it was at the time an immigrant neighborhood where the Mass was in Polish). After myself and a few friends towed the car home with a chain and the parking brake in the snow, my brother asked me how much monry I had and for $20.00 cash the car was mine . never got around to repairing it, sold it to a friend in the spring for $25.00 he wanted the hemi.

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