john b 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint 2dr Convertible

make out car

I bought this car with money I saved from working in a local steakhouse/Chinese food cost me 650 dollars....this was when I was in my second year of college and I wanted to replace my 34 chevy coupe and ride my new girl around 'in style'....we cruised in this car, drag raced it, took long rides in it and 'christened it' many was very kool even with the top up....I would have loved to have this car today, but my girl could not drive a stick so after she tried multiple times and destroyed the T10, I traded it off for a 1965 GTO....we still laugh about our escapades years ago - especially now after being married for 45 years....we never could fit in that back seat today, the years have been good to us - owning some 300+ cars since then, we still love to hit the shows and tool around in the model A hotrod (mine) and 65 thunderbird (hers) ...lucky to have a woman that loved cars as much as I did!

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