George H

first wife

bought my first car for 20.00 bucks. a 64 Plymouth Valiant, 6 banger with a 3 speed. cruised that car every where. I could not kill it. Out on a Friday night, ran into this real sexy girl. I was only 17. We were great together.

dated for about a year, then got married. It was about four years after we got divorced. Sure do miss that car.

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    ferd the cloud September 21, 2014 at 11:54
    Similar car story... but have kept my wife for 30 years now... Jointly bought a 1963 Plymouth Valiant for $25 (with my college roommate). Needed his input because we could get cheap car insurance through his Dad. The car had been abandoned and needed work to pass inspection, but a clear title was there. It ran on only four or five cylinders of the Slant 6 and the shift lever for the three-on-the-tree would come off while driving sometimes. Check the gas and fill the oil! The body was very rusty and I made the bottom halves of both rear fenders using bent coat hangers to form an outline and fiberglass cloth draped over it... wavy and coarse looking but passed inspection. Most of the car was painted with dark maroon Rustoleum primer - with a brush, so after a few rains you could see rusty brush strokes. But you're right, we couldn't kill it. Eventually my roommate replaced the piston rings to get it firing on all six cylinders, without removing the engine from the car (miss those days when there was plenty of room to work under the hood). It was a temporary fix since he didn't realize the cylinders needed boring for bigger pistons and rings, so when it started spraying for mosquitos again in a couple of years he traded it in for a new car on one of those "we'll give you $2000 for anything" deals. He thought the dealer junked it, but found another Slant 6 enthusiast snapped it up.

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