Jack A 1969 Chevrolet C10 1/2 Ton 2dr Fleetside Pickup

The first car I bought with my own money

I turned 16 in April of 1966 and dad let me drive his 49 Ford pick-up. What a cool truck that was. One evening I was standing by the front door and he asked me what I was waiting for. I said I was waiting for my best friend to pick me up. He asked why we weren't taking the truck and I said we were double dating and the truck didn't have enough seats.

A week later I came home from school to find a 1960 Nash Rambler in the driveway and the Ford nowhere to be found. Dad said he thought having a car with a back seat would be helpful. But a NASH RAMBLER?!!! I said.

I was working weekends at Disneyland (California) at the time and the girl who played Snow White was Becky Carver. Becky's dad owned Roy Carver Rolls Royce and Pontiac in Newport Beach. The following week I drew out my life savings and Roy made me a deal on a lightly used 65 GTO. Sure wish I still had that car.

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