Bill K 1940 Ford Deluxe 2dr Business Coupe

From oil gusher to bomb

When I was a kid my dream car was a 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe. After gradating from high school I got a job in the local lumber yard. As luck would have it one of the guys had a 40 coupe that he let go for $65.00 I soon found out that it didn't have rings in it as I would fill it with oil and after my 12 mile trip to work the oil was pretty much gone. Everybody knew I was on the road due to the huge plume of blue smoke. I had made friends with an old guy that ran the local speed shop. He knew my "situation" and on one of my many visits to his shop he said I got just the thing for you, a V8 motor that was just pulled out of a wrecked new 1955 Chevy $200.00 and it was mine. All I needed was a $37.50 bell housing adapter, a buddy that had a lift and in a day I had my dream car. Back then what did I know about springs, transmissions, rear ends etc. All I knew is that I had a bomb. To add to the fun I found 4 15 inch Mercury wheels and put 800X15's on the back. Who cared about fender rub or the single rear spring. It's 60 years later and I kick myself for letting that car go. But love and the need for an engagement ring was the trade off. We are married 50 years and besides I have a 1965 Fastback Mustang that my folks bought new in March 1965, so life is still good.

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