David R 1950 Renault 4CV

Foreign car long before they wiped out the big three.

I got out of college in 1950 paid for by the GI bill. I gave up my '37 Indian Chief and bought a brand new 1950 Renault 4 CV for $1,385 which was also its weight in lbs. I drove it 2 years including 6 or 7 trips between Boston and Chicago and, of course, there were no Interstates then. Mostly 2 laners and hills like you read about. The car's top and cruising speed was 55 mph and considerably slower on the uphills. Note that was about as fast as everyone else... we're talking 1950. The engine and suspension were super easy to work on and parts were readily available. I traded it in on a 1952 Willys Aero Ace which was also a great car.

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