Karl B 1964 Pontiac LeMans 2dr Hardtop Coupe

First car-College years

As a college freshman I could not take one more bus trip home. January 1971 bought 1964 Pontiac 2 dr hardtop from friend of the family.

326 2 bbl auto tran with only 19,000 miles for $ 500.00. Carried me though 4 yrs college at Quinnipiac Called( now university).and then through first job commutes. Found a wreck 64 GTO at junk yard. Bought the hood and chrome nameplates. Repainted the hood it in a friends barn, and installed it on the Lemans. Tried to make the Lemans look like a GTO clone. Fooled some people. Keep in mind that as a recent grad with little extra cash I couldn't afford a real GTO. I had some fun with it. Could flip it to neutral and back to drive under full throttle and get rubber. My college buddy and I tested its top end on the Mass Pike one nite. Road was clear up ahead so we wanted to see what it would do. Being young and foolish we decked the speedo at 120. Not too smart as we found out that you can't stop it at that speed. Drum brakes faded at about 85 and we saw taillights down the road. Need to get down to the speed limit or get killed. We rolled the windows to get a parachute effect. It helped. Slowed down, and brakes started to grab just as the taillights of cars and trucks ahead of us got nervously closer. That was close. Didn't do that again, with that car anyway. Cost effective. Probably didn't put more than a couple of hundred bucks into it in the 6 years I drove it. Sold it to a friend for $ 300.00 who eventually wrecked it. Wish I had it back today.

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