B J H 1946 Convertable

First car right after WW2

During the war cars were not produced, and very hard to get after the war was over. I was a young guy then, and had saved my money, so had the money to buy one. I tried a lot of dealerships, but they would not put me on a list. The Pontiac dealer in my small town got a 46 convert, and sold it to the next people on his list, a older couple, that sure did not want a convertible, but took it to get a new car. A month later they traded the convertible for a two door fastback sedan. The dealer was driving the convertible, and I saw him, and just said "why don't you sell me that car." He said yes, and I didn't believe him, and later phoned him at the dealership, he again said he would sell it to me. I rushed to his dealership, and bought it on the spot. It cost me a little over $2250 in 46 era dollars. I sure thought I had spent a fortune. This started my spiral of car buying, in my early days I did not keep any of long, and often think of some of the cars I've had and how much they would be worth today, Such as a 53 Pre A Porsche. Today I have three classic cars, of course all insured by Hagerty.

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