Gary T

First Car, First Love

This was the first car I bought after I graduated from college in 1966. I was working as an engineer at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California making less than $700 dollars a month. I paid $1100.00 dollars and made payments of about $50.00 dollars a month. I loved driving it and putting it into a drift to impress the girls. Mechanically it was a piece of British junk, but it was easy to work on and I could change the head gasket in about an hour. This was a good thing because the head was warped and I would blow a head gasket about once a month.

I drove it until 1972 when a lady ran a red light and I "T" boned her. My car was totaled but no one was hurt except my wife when I slammed the door on her foot. The insurance paid more than I paid for the car so it wound up being the only car I ever made a profit on. I took the money and bought my second love... a 1972 Fiat Spyder which was an Italian piece of junk.

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