'70 1/2 R/A IV Trans AM

I purchased this car after going through a divorce, and had no home (stayed with family until the end of the story - 8 months). It worked out in my favor; and while I lost a lot of money, I still came out with enough to work with; but, couldn't purchase a home without a minor down payment & ridiculous mortgage.

Originally, I thought it was a R/A III car, and still loved it. When the PMS Doc's came back, and verified it was a R/A IV, I wanted to keep it. Unfortunately, my kids couldn't bathe in a Trans Am, and required a roof over their head (preferably, one we owned). After 35 days of relentless torture on the phone by prospective buyers, I sold it to the first person who could guarantee me the money I requested for purchase. I had higher offers, but only after it was listed - and wanted a guaranteed sale.

Two people were finalists 1.) wanted the car enough, they directly deposited the money into an account I owned., 2.) The second, offered a 22 % premium over the first - but didn't get the money there fast enough & lost.

The car did not have the original engine; but a '73 455 rebuilt to SD specs. The entire drivetrain was original, except for the engine.

I was able to purchase a home, and it took care of some other financial items.

I wasn't greedy; but at times, I wish I was more at that time.

Any regrets? No, but I will never be able to own one again. I won't have that kind of money, especially for an original, unmolested version.

Did we lose? No, I made the correct decision as my career improved.

Lost the car, but the benefit to my family was more than worth it.

There are always other cars, and a garage will never be full - if you have the funds.

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    chris massillon, oh September 19, 2014 at 17:19
    who owns the car now? there must be a serious love for this car if kept in contact with it since sold it.

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