Rob P 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sedan

30 years and counting

Growing up as a kid in Niagara Falls Ontario in the late '70s & early '80s the Sunday cruise nights were awesome. My friends and I would walk to see the "coolest cars in town". We weren't old enough to drive but loved the cars and wished we could have every one of them. We would talk about what we would do to them if we owned them. Some guys had brand loyalty, some guys liked them restored & others modified. I didn't care. Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, restored, modified I liked them all. But my favourites ended up being the tri-five Chevys. Through high school I drove my parents hand me down car, a '70 dodge dart swinger 318 automatic 2 door coupe. Fun car but being in school with only a part time job I couldn't afford the insurance so with nowhere to store it it was sold. After having this car I definitely had the car bug. I graduated high school in '84 and started into an electricians apprenticeship with a local company. I wasn't making a lot of money but saved every penny I could so I could get a cool car. My friends who also had jobs now would call and want to go here and there and I would tell them I can't make it. I've got no money. I'm poverty stricken. POV became my nickname (check the licence plate). After working and saving like crazy for several months I found this '57 chevy for sale about an hour from home. So in February of '85 I laid out my life savings and bought it for $5700. What better car could an 18 year old guy have than a black '57 chevy? I've driven it every summer since '85. It's been with me through thick & thin over the last 30 years & has countless memories in it but one of the best experiences was seeing both my daughters go from riding in the car seats that I put in it for them in the early '90s to letting them drive the car now that they are 23 & 18. My present to myself when I turn 50 is a complete frame off overhaul and hopefully the next 30 years with it will be just as enjoyable as the last 30 years have been.

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