Rob R 1964 GTO 2 door Coupe

1964 Coumbus Day storm blows a windfall my way.

I was attending Portland State College in 1964, when Portland OR was pounded by the Columbus Day storm. I had worked summers for the local electric company, PGE, and knew with the amount of damage done to the electric grid system, they'd be needing lots of extra hands. I hired back on with them, the job lasting about 4 months. Most of those 4 months we were paid double time for 24 hrs. a day. As a truck driver, I actually got an extra 15 min. by union contract, for loading the truck daily. So, that worked out to 48.5 hours per day straight pay!!! Huge checks for a young college guy.

When I was through, I took some of my windfall, and paid cash for a black/black '64 GTO at Meadow's Pontiac. It was a single 4 barrel, 4 speed, post model. What a fantastic 1st car!!!!! Still smile remembering driving in out of the dealership.

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