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They A Look Alike

My first car was a 1960 Volkswagen that I bought when I was twenty years old. What a great car and so much fun. I replaced the clutch with a VW bus unit that made all the difference in the world. My fiancée and I spent countless hours driving the hinterlands of Northern California in my prized VW.

My older brother and his wife lived in Oakland, having moved there shortly after getting out of the service. They were so impressed with our ride that they bought a new 1963 VW convertible, blue, just like the one in your article. It was a beauty! They invited us to go to Reno the first weekend that they had the car. We took both cars and had a great time. On the way back, the traffic was heavy and I made a point of hanging on my brothers bumper as he was a wild driver and we were going to their apartment where we hadn't visited before and didn't know the address. He zagged and zagged but I stayed right with him, besides, how many new blue VW convertibles could there be on the road?

When we reached Oakland, he pulled off the freeway and onto City streets. We stayed right oh their bumper. After a number of blocks, they picked up speed and started running through stop signs. We chased them through some very questionable parts of Oakland in a race reminiscent of Steve McQueen in Bullitt. They finally pulled into an apartment complex and baled out of the VW. My now wife looks at me and says that isn't your sister-in-law as I noticed that the driver wasn't my brother. They ran like a bat out of h... and we did a quick reversal and headed for home. After the shock wore off, my wife and I had a good laugh at the experience.

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