Pasqualino D

The one that got away and got it back!

In 1968 my uncle bought a brand new shinny red on red 1968 Firebird. He had it for 5 years then decided it was time for a newer model. So he sold the firebird to my Dad in 1973. The firebird got used through out the years. Until 1987 when the firebird was parked in the garage and no one drove it anymore. Growing up in my teenage years I never got the chance to drive the firebird. My brother got to drive the firebird thats only because he was16 years older than I was. In the year 2000 the firebird was sold. My brother had a friend who worked in a body shop. And was looking for a classic to restore. My brother persuaded my dad to sell it even thou I disagreed. But being younger at the time (20 years old) it did not help. Anyway the car was gone. The only thing I knew after that. Was my brothers friend had started a restoration project on the firebird and that was it? Few years went by and the thought of the firebird was always in the back of my head. Unfortunately my dad had cancer and passed away in Oct 2010. One day I was looking through local kijiji. I wanted to find another firebird to restore like the one I had growing up. I seen an ad that caught my eye. What caught my eye was a small trans am eagle decal that was glued to a 1968 firebird glove box, that I knew was not stock. I remembered that when I was a kid I had glued a small trans am eagle decal to my 1968 firebird. In the ad the firebird didn't look like the one we had, except for the interior witch looked very familiar and was red also. But also remember that I have never seen the firebird exterior after the restoration that my brothers friend did to it. I then called the ad. Made the appointment to go see the firebird. When I got there and seen it, I knew then that it was my firebird I had growing up with. I got the vin number and went to ministry and got the history report to be sure. It showed my dads name purchased in 1973. Then Greg purchased in 2000, which was my brothers friend. Then the current owners who bought the firebird from my brothers friend in 2003. When I went to go see the Firebird it was flawless, I knew I was in for a hard negotiation but I had to have it back. The couple that had the firebird were elderly and didn't have time to drive it anymore, and just wanted it gone. I was more than happy to take it off there hands and thats what I did. I bought the car back in June 2011 after 11 years missing from my family. I got it back and looking better than it ever was. Wish my dad was still here to see the firebird now.

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    Charlie Wilson Huntington Beach, Calif September 17, 2014 at 17:43
    Great Story on the 68 Firebird. Cars become part of the family and I completely understand how he feels to "lose the car and then gain it back". My second car was a brand new 68 Firebird 350 HO w/ 320 horsepower. I believe they called it Verdugo green. My friend and I went to the Chevrolet dealer in San Diego to buy new Camaro's. Since we were only 18 years old "we could not get arrested " at the Chevy dealership and left. Went down the street to Pontiac dealer and 1 hour later my friend drove out with the showroom car which was burgundy 68 Firebird 400 with "tach on the hood"with 330 horsepower and also $4000+. I waited and ordered my 68 from another dealership saving about $600 off sticker. I also bought his 4 Pontiac Mag wheels(still some of the best looking stock mags ever made) for $50 as he decided to upgrade to racing slicks etc. I kept the 68 Firebird 4- speed until 1970 when I moved north and had to deal with L.A. traffic. I always wonder what happened to the car and while at local car shows I check out all the 68 Firebirds(for every 1 Firebird there are 50 Camaros). My consolation is that I am driving a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop (Matador Red w/ India Ivory top) 350 to those shows. But I do miss that Firebird!
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    Jerry Columbus, Ohio September 17, 2014 at 19:20
    A great story about a great car! I'm so glad that Pasqualino got to drive his car.
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    Paul Sunnyvale September 18, 2014 at 16:13
    Great story! Glad you got your car back. My wife has a 1973 Firebird Formula 400 that we are restoring. We go to a lot of Carshows and very seldom you see Firebirds? I think they are underrated classics. Nice body and lines.

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