Bill O 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 2dr Targa

Mother's Day Surprise

This story is about surprising my wife of 35 years. I am primarily into muscle cars, buying and trading dozens of cars over the span of our 35 year marriage. My wife always supported my passion. However, she always wanted a 1989 Porsche, the year that she says Porsche "got it right" with styling and reliability. She was very clear that the body lines were so crisp that they should not be disrupted with an over emphasized "whale tail".

On Mother's Day, I found a exactly what she wanted with less than 80K miles that was sold new within 20 miles from our home: A 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa with no Whale tail.

This original Porsche had never left the local area. I looked at the car and left a deposit. Unfortunately I was leaving the next day on a business trip that had me out of the country for a week. I didn't tell my wife I even went to look at the car but before I left for the airport I presented her with a card and picture of the car and said I bought this for you. Of course she did not believe me. Upon my return home, with my wife still in disbelief, we drove to the sellers home, paid for the car and drove it home. She loves the car and its babied by my wife. The Porsche only comes out of the garage for special occasions or destination drives up and down the coast of California and around the San Francisco Bay Area. It makes the annual trek to Pebble Beach and the Historic Races every August. The great thing about buying your wife a car she always wanted is not only do you get points for making her happy but you get to drive and enjoy it too!

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