John L 1989 Toyota Corolla Deluxe AWD 4dr Station Wagon

Just Can't say Good Bye

I have an '89 Corolla All-Trac Wagon with 47,263 miles on it. I never planned to keep it this long but in 1998 when one of the front axle boots was throwing grease a master tech at a local dealership fixed it very easily by banding the boot. He has maintained it ever since. It isn't in perfect shape but it is quite serviceable and looks nice when it's cleaned up. It is garage kept, has never been entirely polished and still beads water. It has been spot polished with Toyo Guard to polish out small scratches but never overall. The pictures were taken in 2013 but it still looks about the same.

I have always used Castrol 20-50 oil in it as that is what the owner's manual specifies for the temperature range here. The A/C has been upgraded and works pretty good. It's a five speed stick shift and has manual windows. It has a 1600 cc, fuel injected engine and weighs 2600 pounds so it isn't looking for any drag races. I don't know what the final drive ratio is and it doesn't have a tach, but it is definitely more at home on local roads than interstates. It has a regular solid rear axle and differential like you would see in a rear wheel drive car - not a small one like some full time all wheel drive cars have.

I use it for hauling anything to big, awkward or dirty for an automobile. I prefer cars to trucks and SUVs so it's nice to have a little hauler. I try to drive it at least once a week to keep the seals supple. Several seals have been replaced including one in the transfer case when it was new.

I replaced an '82 Corolla Wagon that I had bought from an auto rental company. It was a nice little car but the rocker panels had rusted out so bad that they shredded my sponge when I washed the car. The dealer had had this car for a long time along with a silver SR 5. I went out on a rainy, last Saturday of the month and made them an offer that they accepted.

I used to occasionally see a grubby looking one on the road here but I haven't seen one for a long time now.

So, that's my story.

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