Michael P 1962 Volkswagen Beetle 2dr Coupe

Reunited Again

In 1979 I was a freshman in High School, and in Love with VW's!! One of my friends drove me to school in his mothers 1962 Ragtop. They bought it new in Georgia, I wanted this original Bug so bad. Years went by and no I could not have it!! My friend and I went our separate ways and I lost track of the ragtop..

Twelve years later my friends dad came in my VW shop and was looking for a six volt battery for the ragtop. I could not believe they still had it, he wanted to sell it and needed a battery. I quickly asked if I could buy it, he said I needed to see it first. The ragtop is in an open carport in Orinda CA. I could only wonder what shape it was in. To my surprise it wasn't in that bad of condition. The ragtop needed full restoration and a lot of body work. He wanted five hundred for it, I jumped at it and the bug and I were reunited!!

I was so happy to have it in my garage, and it was 90% original condition. Taking my time with my old friend, five years later the Ragtop was finished. I kept the original paint color, all sheet metal was replaced with German pieces. Going to local shows once in a while, occasional drive to show it off is such a great feeling.

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