Jay P 1979 Volkswagen Beetle 2dr Convertible

The Only Car My Wife Ever Lusted For

I wanted to something special for my wife's 50th birthday and when I asked her what she most would like, she said, "nothing". I suggested, perhaps, a new car. She said that she really didn't care about cars as long as they served the purpose for which they were designed --- transportation. After thinking about it for a few moments she said, " you know, there is a car I once lusted for and it was a Robin's Egg blue, Volkswagon convertible, with a white top, which a former boyfriend once had." Well, where was I going to find one of these --- and it had to be Robin's Egg blue, with a white top. I searched the internet and, to my surprise, found exactly the car. It was owned by a collector who never titled it and never drove it. It had exactly 67 miles on it and to top it off, he said it was the last Beetle convertible brought into the country. It was a 1979 car which was imported in February, 1980.

The car was in Palm Beach, FL and we were spending her birthday on the west coast, in Boca Grande. I had the car delivered by flat bed truck, placed in our garage with a huge red ribbon and a huge bow on top. The next morning, which was her 50th birthday, I asked her to go into the garage and fetch something for me. She told me to get it myself but I finally convinced her to go and I followed. Well --- you probably could have heard here scream all the way over Florida. Now, 19 years later, the car has only 8900 miles on it and still looks like new. My wife is the first registered owner and will never give that car up. Our oldest daughter would like my wife to put it in her will for her to keep and enjoy.

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