Calvin G

Super Beetle Rescue

We spotted our Beetle for the first time 5 years ago abandoned in a farmers field. It was not until my daughter expressed an interest in restoring a "vintage" Beetle as she called it that I pursued this barn find. The owner said if I could drag it away it was mine, he said it had been stuck in the mud for 20 years. Well, my friend Don and I winched it out and trailered it home to my garage. I was afraid to show it to my wife so I threw a tarp over it so I could avoid her wrath, at least for a little while. She likes cars not projects. Over the next year I took everything apart, cleaned and reinstalled the original parts. Some were worn our or just unusable so I searched a friend's Beetle salvage yard for parts. Once on the road the car had a habit of revealing it problems - only after being far enough away from home to be embarrassing. Now after having driven "Molly" for six months the issues are gone and she has revealed her true fun loving spirit. She is glad to be out of the mud and on the road again!

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