Paul P 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle 2dr Coupe

My Favorite "Bug"

I started with VW Beetles back in 69 when we bought out 1st Beetle, a 1965 Emerald Green Bug, from a private owner. We also bought a 1971 VW in 1972 and sold the 65. That VW was a dog. In 1973 VW came out with the VW Super Bug and was I hooked. We traded the 71 in and the Super Bug I bought was steel gray with black and red racing stripes, wooden dash, Recaro-like seats, and I put a tuned exhaust on the car. It was such a comfortable and fun car to drive and I kept it looking good. With the MacPherson Struts in front, it would corner well and it was quick enough also. I kept that car well into the 80's and traded it in for a VW Fox, something I still regret. I also had VW Campers, a 1971 Bubble Top and a 1972 Pop Top. They were also fun but not much power. The 73 VW Super Beetle was my all-time favorite car.

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