Darrell B

Honeymoon trip.

In November of 1967 My new Wife and I decided to take our Honeymoon Trip to Colorado from our Home in Los Angeles.

I had family there that I had not seen in years so we could stay at their home for a few days.

We decided to use Her 1964 Beetle as I was on leave from the Navy and was about as poor as you can get.

After spending a few days with my family in Colorado Springs we headed for Boulder and then decided to go home by driving west over the Rockies. As we headed up the mountain passes it started to Snow and the farther we went the fewer cars we saw on the road. Then I noticed that there were No Other cars and no tire tracks in the snow on the road?

The Bug seemed to be doing OK so we pressed on until we came to a town about the time it was getting dark and I found a Motel so we stopped there.

I went to the front door and it was Locked? A lady inside came to the door and ask me what I wanted? Ah, how about a Room?

She looked at the Bug and it's California license plates and ask "Where did you come from?" I said Bolder and she said That's impossible! No one has been over that road in 2 days. Gee I thought that must be why I didn't see any tire tracks?

She said the heat was turned off in the Motel so she made a few phone calls and found us a room at a friends house for the night.

I could hear her on the phone talking about these to Stupid Kids from California and how God must have been looking out for us.

Just 2 young people from Sunny Southern California in a Bug with no chains and skinny tires in a Colorado Winter Snow Storm but the Beetle brought us through that and more and got us home.

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