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In 2001 my daughter told me her neighbor was selling his Porsche because his family was expanding and he needed a larger car. She told me that I should buy it. I told her I was unfamiliar with the car.She told me that he washed it every day and waxed it every Sat. He had also just had a complete engine rebuild done by a reputable shop in Sacramento.I was living in Redondo Beach Ca. approximately 400 miles away.

I arranged to meet the owner that week end. I did not know his full name so I could not get a certified check,

he did not know me so a personal check was not an option.

So I went to the bank wearing cargo pants and withdrew over $10,000. They only had $5,000 in hundreds

the rest was in smaller bills. I had wads of cash in my front pockets my side pockets and my back pockets.

I planned on driving up a 1972 VW Bug which my daughter could use for the short trips that are so hard on a car thereby prolonging the life of her Honda.

I am usually very meticulous when making large purchases.

It was summer so I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and the aforementioned cargo pants stuffed with cash

I asked my daughter what if I have trouble with the Bug? She told me that I had enough money with me to get it fixed.

I bought the Porsche 911 within minutes of arriving in Sacramento thereby violating every rule of prudent

auto purchasing. I still have it. It has been the finest car I have ever owned.

That was the only time that I have driven a 1972 Bug 400 miles and driven home in a 1974 Porsche 911.

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