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Wish Upon A Car

I had been wanting a classic VW bug for years. I had always loved them since I was little. Growing up and riding in my grandfather's blue bug back in the sixties. My sister and I would ride in the back behind the back set. Yeah we were little to fit back there, but I remember. I had always wanted one because they are cute cars and very simple cars.

Finally one night 2 years ago I just happened to look on Craigslist and found one that had been posted about 8 hours before. It was a white 1964. I called and went and looked at right away. I knew if I didn't go look at it now, someone would buy soon. When I got there I knew this was it. While I was looking at it the owner was getting phone calls about it. It was all original except the paint. The flywheel was tight. The floors and heater channels were in excellent shape with no rust. There was some rust under the running boards and a few little bubbles under the doors, but nothing major. The odometer read 2456. The current owner said that he thinks they are the original miles. Can't prove it, but here's it's story....

The guy I bought the car from had it only a few months. His wife didn't want him to put any money in it because she wanted her '63 Falcon convertible restored and was tired of waiting. He bought the car from the niece of a woman that had stored the car for years. Her son had bought the car new in the Netherlands while he was in the military. He put a temporary Netherlands license plate on it to drive it around (which the car stills has). Then he shipped it home for his mother to keep when he got home. The really sad thing is, he never got to enjoy the car much because he never came back home. He was killed in action during the Viet Nam war. His mother kept the car until she pass away and the niece inherited the car and put a cheap paint job on it and sold it. As strong as the motor runs, I believe they are the original miles.

After I bought it I took it to a VW mechanic and he said I had found a beautiful car in great condition. He said the funny thing about it was there was never a fuel filter installed so he put one on. About six months later I had to get a new starter. Still a 6 volt. I won't be changing it over to a 12. I fixed the running boards and the little rust spots on the doors. Surprisingly there were no holes. Redid the seats because they were ragged. Put in new carpet. One day I'll get it repainted the original beige color. I get people all the time wanted to buy it, but it's not for sale. It's a keeper. I love driving a car that's as old as I am.

I am very sad that the man serving our country couldn't enjoy his car. I think about this guy I never knew and take pride in fixing it up not only for me, but for him. Under these sad circumstances I was destine to find it.

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