Robert C O 1971 ford maverick

kudo;s to hagerty ins.

I own 4 classic fords . I had only had two of them insured with hagerty for about 1 month, when I had to leave 1 of them outside for a couple of days . we were putting a new cement floor in the garage, so I couldn't have it in the garage !! anyway during the night, my wife woke me to say there was noise at garage . I didn't see any thing at the time. next day I cringed at what I saw. A bear had been after a cat that ran up onto my 1971 maverick. the hood and cowl had been damaged, along with the right front fender,which had dents and deep gouges from the claws. I explained the situation to the agent. And by luck they covered the damage !! I would certainly recommend hagerty to any one with classic cars..Bob

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