Christine K 1958 Chevy Apache P.U.

My Husband's Dream Truck Surprise

A family friend restores vehicles and was selling his 1958 Chevy Apache. My husband fell in love with the vehicle when he first saw it in 2009 and made arrangements to purchase the truck from our family friend. Shortly after the arrangements were made, heart-broken, my husband had to make the call to our friend that he couldn't purchase the truck. He had been put on active-duty orders and was being deployed for a year.

My husband returned from Afghanistan in 2012. He never forgot about the truck and would occasionally bring it up in conversation. Many times he hemmed and hawed about reaching out to our friend to see if the truck was still available, but afraid of being told it was sold and gone forever, he never made the call.

In the Summer of 2013 I was visitng our friends and secretly made arrangements to buy the truck for my husband's 45 birthday, which was the following Spring. I made monthly payments on the truck, all the while keeping the surprise from my husband. He had no idea what I was up to!

On his birthday, in April 2014, we made plans to meet up with friends for breakfast. I schemed to have the truck delivered to the restaurant and have it waiting for my husband in the parking lot. I have never seen my husband speechless...he usually has lots to say. It was the nest gift I could ever give was amazing!

He affectionately refers to the truck as "Martha" and drives her regularly.

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