Philip S 1967 Ford Mustang 2dr Coupe

Surprised at the Museum

My wife and i are fortunate to be car buffs and we love the old cars and stories surrounding these cars and these common interests have kept us both happy for many years now. For the past 6 years we have attended car shows weekly and we start planning for these shows months ahead of time by compiling the lists of shows and sending them to our friends. When it’s time for a show we pack up our 1965 Pepsi cooler with sandwiches and snacks and head out to the shows. Our enjoyment is not only the excitement of the show but also talking with fellow car buffs as they tell the stories of their pride and joy.

For my wife Tracy it’s a little more involved. You see she had a 1966 mustang and when we were at the shows she used to watch and smile as a family was looking at her car talking about the car that one of them had when they were younger. Tracy would then walk up to these people to continue their conversation bringing more life into the conversation. If they had little kids she would open the door to her car and let them sit in the car as their father or mother took pictures of them in the car. I have to say that the smiles on these individuals were priceless.

Unfortunately back in 2008 she had to sell her mustang due to financial reasons. Since the sale of her 1966 mustang she has not been the same. Sure we still pack up the cooler and go to shows but it was different for her now. So I guess this is where my story begins:

In talking with my fiancé over the past few years after the sale of her car it became quite apparent her dream car was a 1967 Dusk Rose Mustang and my goal was to get her that car for her wedding gift on July 19 2014. Finally in December of 2013 I saw an old eBay listing with someone selling a 1967 Dusk Rose Mustang in Wisconsin. After multiple conversations with the seller we both came up with a plan and Tracy’s car was being prepared. The seller was very good and we became good friends. He with the assistaince of my brother in law Joe we came up with good decisions on the car. And at the end the seller just wanted to get the car to Tracy because of what I was doing and really did not care much about the selling price anymore. He was a good family man with good intentions.

Now you can imagine how hard it is too keep this a secret. Every day it was so stressful trying to pull this off so that she did not catch on. Texts to the seller, phone calls to the seller, carrier companies etc were just stressful. One such stressful time was in April of this year when I had to have a small procedure done at a local hospital that required me to take those loopy drugs. After I got out of the hospital I must have said something because she said I mentioned something about getting the car painted. So she asked the question "Phil are you buying me a car"? I said of course not honey. Well, Phil she said, you were talking about a text you got about the car getting painted in the hospital. I actually don't remember how I responded but I had a new task at hand because I don't lie to my girl. So I called my brother in law and told him what happened and we both agreed that I needed to send him the money so he could buy the car and it would get me out of lying to my fiancé. So I sent him the money and he wired the money to the seller.

Sometime in early July and I ran a “Marti Report” on the car and had it sent to my brother in law. The day that the report was delivered to him he called me and said “Phil are you sitting down”? I said why and he said “Phil the car is one of only one ford mustang made in 1967 with the options that were ordered with the car”. I said WOW and he said I am not done. It was also recorded by Marti Auto Works that this car had a rear louvered panel installed in error at the factory as it was not ordered with the car and it was stamped as so on the fender. In other words the person who ordered the car did not order it with this louvered panel or (Greyed out panel) as noted in the report but it was installed anyway. So the bottom line is that this car is extremely rare based on the options and the error at the factory. You can imagine how happy I was to hear this and I informed the seller of this report who in turn was just as happy.

As our wedding approaches we find out that the car is not going to make it to the wedding which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I sat back and thought about a backup plan and decided to contact the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline Massachusetts. You see we are members and we go to about 7 shows a year at the museum so this was a great backup plan. I spoke to Sheldon Steele, executive director of the museum, and after speaking with representatives of the museum they offered to put the car in the museum under a cover to be presented to my wife on “Ford Lincoln Mercury Day”. They are such great people.

A week before the show at the museum as we are waiting for delivery of the car we get a call from the driver of the trucking company transporting the vehicle stating his vehicle broke down 40 miles from us. Well Sheldon looked at this as an opportunity and we tracked down the truck and four hours later I was driving the mustang back to the museum.

The day approaches and the car is covered in the museum and my wife and I show up at the museum. After a short presentation by Sheldon and me she finally gets her dream and she is so surprised that she almost went into shock. This is something that lots of people will never forget and I won’t ever forget her gleaming smile in the rear view mirror of my car as she was driving the car home.

All of this would not have been possible without all the good people who were involved with this. It started out as just a gift for my wife and at the end it was more about all the good people who just wanted to see my wife smile.

Philip Sullivan

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    Guy Ogan Texas September 3, 2014 at 15:50
    What a wonderful story and what great folks willing to go the extra mile to help your wife get her dream-car as a "surprise!"

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