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I had a chevelle malibu right out of high school that ran like the wind, and boy did I give it a regular workout-a blast to drive.Then, I found a basket case 15 years ago that I should have left alone, but it was calling me with visions of greatness to be. I fully restored it ( down to the gas pedal studs), painted it red too,dropped in a beefed up 355/450 horse small block; and it was beyond fast! It also was a blast to drive, but alas poverty set in and I was forced to sell her. After 10 years of a super marriage and kids all grown up, I wanted another one, so i started scanning the internet. The prices were beyond belief for what they were offering- a bunch of ugly,molested, overpriced cars. Then one morning at 3-am I came across a website I had never looked at before so i opened it up, and WOW what a nice surprise it was! It is VOLOMUSEUM or carsforsale.com. After scanning for a 1965 chevelle I went back to 1964 chevelles, again a bunch of ( my opinion) overpriced iron. Then I saw her, an unmolested red 1964 chevelle ss with black interior,4-speed with console, and a rebuilt 283 2 barrel. I have since upgraded it to a eldebrock 4 barrel ( power pack option for that year) This car is STUNNING!!! It literally jumped off the page and into my lap. It had only been listed for 3 hours, had a low price by comparrison of $19,500; a real looker! I paid the full price, and had it shipped over to me. VOLOMUSEUM is in VOLO , Illinois. When it showed up , cars were stopping to look , and drool over it, it is that nice! It was like having an old friend come back home. What a thrill this car is to drive;it really comes alive at 70 mph, and no one has been able to keep up with me yet! Ha-ha! - Michael knapp Saint joseph, mo. my first car show is SEPT. 7 AT Anderson Ford of Saint Joseph, mo. Show is 11-I believe 5 pm-come on out!

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