Frank V 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 4 door sedan

Grandpa's car given in appreciation

I helped my friends with some business related issues that they really appreciated during a turbulent time for their family. They were moving away to Long Beach to live at her grandparents house. I was told there was an old car in the garage in Long Beach along with many of the belongings from two past generations. A few months later they told me the car was getting sold. Oh well, it got away! However they moved back up to the Bay Area a year later. In March of 2014 we went to dinner, to find out the car had not been sold. She thought her grandpa's car was a 49 Chevy four door.

They then said they wanted me to have the car instead of just selling it. She wanted to know it was going to go to a good home. In June she was ready to "let go" of her grandpa's car. (he was the original owner)

So my father and I loaded up his truck with tools and headed to Long Beach. When we opened up the garage door, we found a 1952 4 door Styleline Deluxe that looked clean and straight. We aired up the tires (it was amazing they held air) and got it rolled out of the garage. The plate tags were from 1986. The gas tank had about 10 gallons of varnish in it. We bypassed the tank and got the engine to fire, but it wouldn't run. We pushed it up on the trailer and headed north. Since getting it home we gave it a bath, new fuel tank, carb rebuild, cleaned fuel lines, flushed radiator, new hoses and belt, oil change etc. It runs well. It is currently up on jack stands in the garage getting a full brake job. My wife has claimed the car and has named her Bridie after her grandmother. Hoping to have it on the road by Labor Day. Then it's cosmetics buff & shine. This is a clean driver with what we think is only 70,000 original miles. It's exciting to bring a car back to life. I can't wait to go pick up my firends that gave it to us and take them for a ride.

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