Greg S

"73-66-20 & Cruise"

My wife and I took my 1973 Corvette out on my 66th birthday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Woodward Dream Cruise week. We had a great run down Woodward as we talked about our high school days of crusin' in the 60's. On the following Wednesday when I opened my Hagerty News email, I never expected to see my car featured in the Hagerty Photo Gallery from the 2014 Dream Cruise. The picture of my red C3 Vette in the foreground with the red C5 Vette in the background is awesome. Kudos to your photographer for the creativity of this picture. Coincidently, my Vette is insured with Hagerty and I have been a loyal Hagerty member for many years. Great job with the photo gallery... you made my day. Greg

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