Randy C 1964 GTO


In 1964 I bought a brand new 1964 Pontiac GTO that was a tremendous hit with the girls and my friends. In July of 1964, two friends and I spent 4 weeks touring through Mexico back when it was safe to do so. As will happen, life takes its toll on people just as the years do on a car. After 15 years as a daily driver, the car got put away and sat idle in a garage until 2005 when it came out to be completely restored. In 2011, my two friends and I got together for a reunion weekend. The three friends who had raced cars, chased women, and eagerly sought out adventure at 18 were now grandfathers with extended families, assorted careers, and numerous health problems. If they could just restore old guys as well as they restore old cars, we would all three still be out there chasing girls and racing cars. Oh well....

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