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My Dad said"any"

In 1968 I had a bad semester at College. I discovered girls and beer. Not necessarily in that order. My dad sold my car and I was off to Summer School. As I left, my Dad said..get all A's and I'll buy you a new car..."any car". Well it was all A's. Even beer and girls could wait for a new car. "Any car".

When I got home we went and drove a beautiful burgundy 1968 Porsche 912. I asked what he thought. He just sat there. I said ..this is it. He said..."you'll get a f'ing American car. He was in construction and had a very colorful vocabulary. I never forgot that broken promise. He bought me a 1968 Olds 442 he probably couldn't afford. Many have suggested I was an ingrate. Their probably right, but God I wanted that 912.

In the early 80's, I was driving thru a residential neighborhood in the Detroit suburbs and saw a burgundy Porsche 912 in a driveway. It had a big For Sale sign. Same year, same color and same options as the one in that promise. It was finally mine. It sat in garages and storage facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Connecticut for over 20 years. Then in 2003, I decided it was time. I found some of the most unbelievable craftsmen and captured the seven year journey in a Apple published book. These guys have skill that have been lost in our world of mass production and made for tv restorations. Their artists that love their work and cherish their reputations. The car is like new and I drive it summers as it was meant to be driven. It's not just a's "any car"!

Obviously my Dad and I had issues. That promise and the outcome 40 years later would probably keep a psychologist thinking. In the end, my Dad would have called me an idiot or probably worse. Spend all that time, all that money...but he would have enjoyed knowing...I had the time and the good fortune to be able to afford righting that wrong. Every time I turn that key...I smile and think about how much I miss him!

A promise made..should be a promise kept!

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