Dale D

The Goat That Snuck Up On Me

My entry into classic cars was a red 1964 Ford Thunderbird convertible with a black interior. We had one just like it when my brothers and I were kids. My parents loved it and used to argue about who decided to sell it. My dad got to see it before he passed away and was truly surprised yet unable to be in good enough health to take a ride in it. A friend of mine asked me some time later why I got the car and it was really more for sentimental reasons. He asked, If you could get the car of your dreams what would it be? I said I would really like to own a 1967 red Pontiac GTO convertible with the stacked headlights and nice curves. It was 6 months later that this same friend got in contact with me about someone he knew wanted to sell my dream car and it was numbers matching! I had to see it. The Goat needed a lot of work. 1 1/2 years later and it is perfect. It was restored by a local business that are experts in creating your dream car. It was restored top to bottom. I think my dad would even approve but still argue with me about why I sold my Thunderbird.

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