Jada S 1984 GMC S15 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup

Super Truck

I was working one bright morning and heard a friend call out to me. He was at a local courthouse waiting to go before the judge to pay off a traffic ticket. It didn't take long to realize that he was $200.00 short of staying out of jail for not having enough money. I was more than willing to loan, or may I say give him the money in exchange for his1984 GMC S-15 pick-up I've had my eye on for awhile. You'd think that I mentioned receiving his retirement once I brought up the idea. Fear of spending the weekend with some of the courts friends, he sold me the truck in less than 10 minutes. I've always wanted to build a S-10/S-15 because I've always seen them refurbished but, they've always looked like a teen-agers truck once the projects were finished. I felt that I could build one that looked more manly besides something that my 17 year old son put together. The truck was in such bad shape until 60% of the body had to be replaced. At this point, it was obvious that my check book was headed to a weight loss. I felt that some of these trucks should've come with power windows and seats, so I added them both and upgraded to the interior of a 1992 which all came from a 1992 chevy Blazer. Hahahahaha...One thing that I can't stand is seeing people place a Superman emblem on a vehicle that's not deserving and I was going to change that. After a good nights sleep, I decided to go with silver on the outside and silver, grey and red on the inside. One of Superman's noticeable colors is blue, so blue LED lights were added to the interior, mirrors and angel eye headlights. I wanted the biggest cubic inch small block engines that chevy ever produced, so the 400 was the law. I bored the engine out to 413.7 cubic inches or now days they would call it a 6.8 liter. After this, the truck was giving Superman emblems inside and out. Some of the emblems were custom made such as the ones in the headrest and the wheel center caps. After my Superman craze, the truck was giving a DVD player with sunvisor monitors. The system puts out 5.1 true digital surround sound also at almost 2,000 watts. A 4.11 posi was added and a bullet proof TH-350 trans to keep the extra tire spin down which comes highly with a trans that has shorter gears. To list anymore would take hours, but that's just the basics to what has come. Last but least, I hope you enjoy the pics...Thanks...

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