John M 1966 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

Worked at Pontiac Motors and got one

In May 1968 I left Western Maryland for a summer job in Pontiac, Michigan, 36 years later I retired from Pontiac Motors Div., of G.M. Over the years I would see new Pontiac, seeing GTO's going down the line ever day, but I never have one nor did I ever want one.. Then in 1989 I got one.

This 1966 GTO was given away in 1986 by radio station W.M.M.S.-100.7 F.M. in Cleveland, Ohio. A guy from Bedford Hights won it and 3 years later he sold it to me.

In 1991 I did a frame off and restored it as the day it came off the line. We have showed it at many shows and had driven it many miles in the past 25 years. .

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