Marvin G 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge 2dr Coupe

The second round

On the way to elementary school walked pass a 1964 dark blue coupe 5 day's a week, don't know what it was,but l was glad to see that car. A family member came from Lansing Michigan to Detroit Michigan and he was driving a Red 1964 convertible GTO and I was spell bound, He knew I had it bad ,the look on his face said it all, Albert Lee Burnet took me for a ride and put me in the driver seat , yes steering, clutching, grinding gears, I knew One Day I will buy my own Pontiac years later my third car a Red 1967 GTO coupe 400/4 speed transmission, the owner just out of the military had the car for sale, for the get rid of price of $200.00 , engine ran fine was in need of a new clutch , This was 1975 the owner removed the 4 barrel carburetor and with the adapter plate put a 2 barrel, left the car with his sister and she could not drive a stick, burned the clutch and I had my own GTO, new clutch,pressure plate and throw out bearing, I was on my way drove it for 2 years then I sold the GTO to a young man fresh out of high school, then he went to the military and I bought the GTO back from him this time I put in the clutch myself in the Michigan winter, Yes I removed snow to get the job done. sold to a family member lost to fire under hood /dashboard.Now 2014 bought 1969 GTO judge in need of engine repair, will keep 4 ever. now I am excited about my retired life and this great car is a frame up restoration for now, going to enjoy this beautiful day here with my Matador Red Judge again this time it is for keeps, My Harley Davidson sits' in the corner of my toy box.that is my story.

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