Don M 1967 Pontiac GTO 2dr Convertible

My 1967 GTO

I seventeen and working for a local chevy dealer when a guy came in and traded his 1964 GTO ragtop on a 67 ss chevelle.And they was asking $1200 for the GTO. I jumped in the GOAT and popped the clutch and fell in love.I took it down to show my dad where he was working.he came out and opened the hood and seen those three little air cleaners.He did'nt even look at the carbut said to me with athuority NOOOOOO!!!you will kill your self.

That upset me but it just made me want one more!I bought a 59 Belair for $100.00 just to make him happy.But I had the GTO fever.I was going to get one.Finaly the 68 models were outand there was such a dramatic changewith the unibody.67 was the year for me.

67 was the one I wantedand there just had to be one out there.I went to the Pontiac dealer 30 miles away and told them what I wanted.At first they told me i was crazythere are no new 67 out there.I was surprised that i kept my temper but I said i'd go to another dealer to get the car of my dreams.Then he told me to calm down that he would call PMD and see if one was out there

Two days later they called me(i had to lie to my mom and told her they was caalling about job).Asked me if I could come over.I blazed a trail over there, as fast as a 6 cylinder Belair would go.I had nto wait for what seemed like hours.Finaly he came out.

Well I found a new 1967 GTO .Iwas so excited I almost wet myself.Then he dropped the bomb.It is located at Feltus Pontiac in Ayer, Mass.Mass. I had never been out of the corn fields of illinois.But I did'nt care cause he found a new 1967 GTO!

Then it struck in sam hill was i going to get it my junk chevy woud'nt make the trip.He said they woud transpot it orthey will fly you to mass. along with $200.00 travele exspence.At this point they had to pick me up from the floor.

I went to my girl friends house picked her up on Friday morning(skipping school 68 was my senior year)went to Poria, the airport.On March26 1968 we landed in Boston the too a taxi to Ayer@$30.00. Walked inside and threr it was a beautiful tripple black GTO. I had no idea that thats the one. they never said what the color was.I had my head inside the window just drooling not knowing if that was the one.Then a fat salesman waddled over and said that was sold to an old guy from IL.What !!!!!!I am not an old guy i'm 18 and this must be my car!!Heart really racing at this point.I give him the paper from pmd with the serial number and YES that car is mine.My girl friend had to co sign$1000.00 cash and borrowed $1800.00 from gmac.

A GI had ordered this from VietNam and when he got home he did not want it.what a fool.but they had an HO firebird convertible that he took instead.that was good for me!he orderd the GTO tax free from Nam so theysaid Uncle Sam had paid the taxso I could go.Premium gas was $.35 And cruising the New YORK tollway between 85 -100 I got 22mpg.and to day with my GTO suviverI still today with this junk pump gas Iget 21mpg no matter how hard I run it.

I got drafted in 69 marrid the girl who co signed then went to Nam came home and in 2014 we still get best of show and dozens first place.

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